Doing Whatever it Takes, Part One

Years ago, I had an experience that I still remember vividly. When I met with the customer to look at her project, she said that she wanted the walls painted the same color. I bid the job for one coat, and that was clearly stated in the estimate.

When the crew arrived to do the work, she informed them that she had changed her mind on the colors. We told her that one coat probably wouldn’t provide sufficient coverage. She told us to do one coat and she’d decide how it looked.

She wasn’t happy with one coat, and I provided a price for a second coat. She didn’t want to pay us more for a second coat. We completed our work, got paid, and moved on to the next project.

The customer later posted a review of our company online, stating that she had hired another company to finish the job because they would do whatever it takes.

In other words, the other company was willing to do a two-coat job for a one-coat price. That might make the customer happy, but it is a sure way to go out of business. I will say more about this in the next post.

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