It’s Just Theory

Every so often I run into a contractor who claims that any talk about systems and best practices is a waste of time. It’s just a bunch of theory, and theory, they claim, is useless. Ironically, their claim is itself a theory, and a very impractical one at that.

If you were going to drive across the country, I doubt that you would just hop in the car and start driving. You would probably consult maps and develop a plan. You would consider numerous things: how far you would travel each day, places to visit along the way, weather forecasts, and more. In short, you would figure out how to reach your destination with the combination of efficiency and pleasure that you desired.

Of course, this would all just be a bunch of theory. Who knows what might happen once you get on the road? Why spend a bunch of time making plans when you might get a flat 100 miles from home? It’s better, the critics of systems would claim, to just start driving and deal with things as they happen.

Certainly, you could drive across the country without a plan. And you can build a successful business without systems. But you can also win the lottery.

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