Breaking the Bottlenecks

‘If you are like most painting contractors, few days pass without some frustration, stress, or problem. These issues are symptoms of a bottleneck—actions or inactions that are restraining or constricting the attainment of your goals.

Bottlenecks are a part of owning a business. The dynamic nature of business guarantees that we will never eliminate every bottleneck. But we can eliminate many bottlenecks and reduce the impact of others.

Unfortunately, we often treat the symptoms rather than the cause of a bottleneck. The pain may go away today, but if the cause is not addressed, it will return again and again in the future. The same cause leads to the same effect. If we want to end this cycle of frustration and stress, we must address the cause. We must break the bottleneck. Our manual, Breaking the Bottlenecks, provides a systematic process for:

  • Identifying the root cause of a bottleneck
  • Identifying the actions necessary to get desired results
  • Identifying potential negative consequences of proposed changes
  • Implementing the changes necessary to resolve the bottleneck

Breaking the Bottlenecks does more than provide solutions to specific problems. It provides a system for solving any problem, large or small. It provides a new way to look at problems and find creative, long-lasting solutions.

This powerful 32-page manual is available in PDF for only $6.99. Upon ordering, you will receive an email from BEP Enterprises with download information.

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