Engaging your employees

I’ve previously written that employees are customers too, that we need to treat them much as we would treat our customers. After all, each can do business with someone else.

In a post from several years ago, Bill Hogg writes about Engaging Employees. Interestingly, pay levels are one of the less important concerns in the […]

Adding value to your painting business

I recently sent an email to subscribers in which I explained how to address low-priced competition by offering more value to differentiate your company. A reader responded and asked for some things he could do to add value, and this post will briefly address that issue.

Consider the following facts:

Most painting contractors do not […]

Is the glass half full?

It is said that an optimist sees the glass as half full, while the pessimist sees the glass as half empty. There is truth in this adage.

The optimist looks on the bright side of things—he sees the potential and the opportunity. The pessimist looks at the negative side of things—he sees the obstacles and […]

Considerations in a family business

Many paint contracting businesses are family affairs. This can add to the complexity of the business, as the lines between our personal and professional lives get blurred. Unfortunately, many such businesses do not have clearly defined roles for each family member and the business is operated like a democracy.

While input from family members can […]

Are you a mind reader?

I have seen lots of painting contractors who just love to talk about how great their work is. Now, I have nothing against touting one’s skills and abilities, but sometimes this strategy is a very ineffective sales tactic.

Customers seldom care about how great you are–they want to know how that greatness will benefit them. […]