The why determines the what

Sometimes I see contractors get so obsessed with a number that they lose sight of what the number represents. I’ve seen this happen in regard to a variety of numbers, such as labor rate and what percentage of revenues to spend on advertising.

While it is important to know the numbers, it is even more […]

I painted a door

I recently painted my front door. Since I am a painting contractor, and have been one for 24 years, it may seem odd for me to make a point about painting a door. But my wife is very happy that I did so.

I rarely touch a paint brush. It isn’t that I dislike painting. […]

Customer complaints

Over the years I have had customers call up with all kinds of wild claims after we have completed a job. For example, one customer complained that all of the paint was falling off of her wall. Such calls are certainly distressing. Nobody likes to have their work criticized. And a professional contractor would be […]

Pursuing your passion

I have been asked why, if my systems are so successful, I bother with sharing them. Why don’t I simply keep the information to myself and build a painting dynasty? This is a legitimate question.

The implication of the question is that my systems aren’t all that great and I am just trying to make […]

Customer expectations can be unreasonable

One of my favorite experiences as a painting contractor is dealing with “paint emergencies.” These can take numerous forms, but they essentially amount to the customer needing the work done immediately. These are situations in which the customer suddenly decides she wants some painting completed and then expresses outrageously unreasonable expectations. For example:

A commercial […]