Making the Phone Ring

Contractors often talk about making the phone ring—we need leads. But making the phone ring is the wrong goal. We aren’t the telephone company. We’re painting contractors. We need to make the phone ring with the right people on the other end. We need people willing to pay our price to be the ones calling.


Not Everyone Wants a BMW Paint Job

One of my coaching clients was recently reviewing his sales numbers with me. He began to implement my sales system about six months ago, and his closing rate has not changed. However, he has increased his selling price by more than 30 percent. In other words, he is getting a lot more money for the […]

Are You Getting Ready for Winter?

As much as I dislike squirrels, they are ingenious little critters. Unlike many painting contractors, they begin preparing or winter long before the cold weather arrives.

With the dog days of August approaching, winter might seem like a long ways away. But long days and blazing heat does not change the fact that winter will […]

Why Customers Focus on Price

Painting contractors frequently complain about customers who focus solely on price, rather than value. While it is easy to blame the customer, contractors are often the ones at fault.

To put this in context, consider your own buying habits. Do you ever buy anything based on price? Do you ever shop around for the best […]

We have the best prices

Some time ago I was driving to an appointment and spotted a pick up with lettering on the back window. Being an avid reader, I quickly perused the content and discovered that I was traveling by a fellow painting contractor.

My sense of camaraderie quickly vanished. In addition to the normal items, his lettering included […]