Not Everyone Wants a BMW Paint Job

One of my coaching clients was recently reviewing his sales numbers with me. He began to implement my sales system about six months ago, and his closing rate has not changed. However, he has increased his selling price by more than 30 percent. In other words, he is getting a lot more money for the […]

Why Customers Focus on Price

Painting contractors frequently complain about customers who focus solely on price, rather than value. While it is easy to blame the customer, contractors are often the ones at fault.

To put this in context, consider your own buying habits. Do you ever buy anything based on price? Do you ever shop around for the best […]

You Could be Losing Gold in Your Screening Process

I frequently hear contractors talk about qualifying or screening customers. They imply a few simple questions will tell them all they need to know about a customer. Unless you are psychic—and if you are, why are you painting houses—you can’t do it.

About fifteen years ago, we painted two small bedrooms for a customer. Each […]

High Trust Selling

High Trust Selling: Make More Money in Less Time with Less Stress, by Todd Duncan, presents an eye-opening argument that may change your view of what it means to be a salesman.

Many contractors view selling as a “necessary evil”–something that must be done in order to secure work for their business. Some even go […]

She wasn’t a price shopper

Last week we received a call from potential client. He had hired another contractor and was very unhappy with the experience. We were highly recommended and he looked forward to meeting me to discuss what could be done to correct the situation. A few hours later he called back to cancel the appointment–his wife had […]