Getting Out of the Bucket

Do you want to take your painting business to the next level? Do you want a steady lead flow? Do you want to sell jobs at the right price? Do you want to have motivated crews?

From: Brian Phillips

Dear Professional Painting Contractor,

Let’s be honest. You want to improve your contracting business. […]

Breaking the Bottlenecks

‘If you are like most painting contractors, few days pass without some frustration, stress, or problem. These issues are symptoms of a bottleneck—actions or inactions that are restraining or constricting the attainment of your goals.

Bottlenecks are a part of owning a business. The dynamic nature of business guarantees that we will never eliminate every […]

Jump Start Systems Development with our Procedures Templates

Our Procedures Templates come with hundreds of sample procedures for administration, sales, estimating, and production. These sample procedures can save you hundreds of hours of work.

The Administration Manual Template provides sample procedures for routine tasks such as answering the phone, filing, office closing duties, and more. The template also contains procedures on accounting, sales […]

36-week Systems Course

Eating an elephant can seem like an overwhelming task if you attempt to do it in one sitting. But if you approach the task from the perspective of taking one bite at a time, you can slowly and steadily eat an elephant.

If you are like many painting contractors, you know that you should develop […]

The E-Myth

In The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It Michael Gerber talks about “entrepreneurial seizure”– someone is good at something, and believes he should start a business. Far too many painting contractors have fallen victim to entrepreneurial seizure.

Such individual believe that the quality of their work will […]