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How Do You Eat an Elephant?

One bite at a time.

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From: Brian Phillips

Dear Painting Professional,

Eating an elephant is a lot of work. A typical elephant has more than 1,000 pounds of meat–enough to fill the freezer on 10 typical refrigerators. Admittedly, I have never tried to eat an elephant. But I have tackled a project that can seem equally daunting–developing procedures and systems for my business.

If you are like many painting contractors, you know that you should develop systems and procedures for your business. But maybe you don’t know where to start. Maybe you even bought my e-book, Getting Out of the Bucket, and still feel overwhelmed. Maybe you aren’t exactly sure how to implement the ideas in my book. Well, I have good news for you.

Our 36-week subscription course provides you step-by-step instructions for developing and implementing systems and procedures. Each week you will receive an email with a workbook and other materials to help you develop procedures–and more importantly, implement them into your business. This course will help you eat an elephant, one bite at a time.

While this course is based on Getting Out of the Bucket and uses some of the same forms and materials, it is not necessary to own Getting Out of the Bucket to benefit. You can however, purchase Getting Out of the Bucket by clicking here.

I won’t kid you–you will need to put some effort into this course. I can tell you what to do, but I can’t do it for you. I can provide you tips, forms, worksheets, and more, but I cannot implement them or fill them out for you. But if you complete each week’s assignment, I guarantee that your business will be immensely improved at the end of this course.

The course covers every important area of your business. Here is what you get:

Week 1: Definite Chief Aim

Week 2: Writing Procedures

Week 3: Overcoming Bottlenecks

Week 4: Organizing the Procedures

Week 4 Bonus: Finance and Accounting

Week 5: Calculating Your Selling Price

Week 6: Job Costing

Week 7: Proximity Marketing

Week 8: Retention Marketing

Week 9: Lead Tracking

Week 10: Analyzing Your Marketing

Week 11: Marketing Matrix

Week 11 Bonus: Unit Estimating

Week 12: Production Rates

Week 13: Variables

Week 14: Estimating Forms

Week 15: Measuring

Week 16: Estimating Unknowns

Week 17: Pricing the Job

Week 18: Implementing Your System

Week 18 Bonus: The Measure Call

Week 19: Customer Education

Week 20: The Measure Call Packet

Week 21: Customer Needs Assessment

Week 22: The Silent Salesman

Week 23: Estimate Documentation

Week 24: The Answer Book

Week 25: Using the Answer Book

Week 25 Bonus: Production Management

Week 26: Production Procedures

Week 27: Controlling the Job Site

Week 28: Job Site Management

Week 29: Job Folders

Week 30: Change Orders

Week 31: Total Quality Meetings

Week 31 Bonus: Administration

Week 32: Job Descriptions

Week 33: Interviewing

Week 34: Customer Folders

Week 35: Planning—Daily and Weekly

Week 36: Performance Appraisals

This is a subscription service, which you can cancel anytime before completion. Payment is handled by Click Bank. After your initial payment is processed, you will be required to register to activate your account. Once you have confirmed your registration, you will immediately receive your first lesson and be on your way to improving your business.

If you apply just one of the ideas in this course you could earn your company hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars. For example:

  • The Pre-Production Checklist can help you identify potential customer complaints before they occur, and transform them into potential sales
  • The Marketing lessons can help you analyze your marketing to invest your money more effectively
  • The Estimating lessons can help you estimate accurately and profitably on every job
  • The Sales lessons can help you raise your prices by 10%, 20% or more

These are just a few of the many money making ideas packed into this course. Register now and you can begin improving your business immediately.

You can try our course for 2 weeks for $1. You will then be charged $14.95 each month for 8 months after the initial charge. You can cancel at any time. After your purchase, you will have to register to begin receiving your course materials.

Brian Phillips

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