Using business systems to solve problems

If you are like most painting contractors, you are frequently experience frustrations and/ or undesired results. Employees who do not always perform as you would like, late deliveries, payments that aren’t collected promptly, and a myriad of other problems can torment the owner of a paint contracting business.

Most problems in a paint contracting business result from 1 of 2 causes: a lack of systems and procedures, or the procedure was not properly followed.

Consistent actions lead to consistent results. If we know the results we desire, and the actions that will lead to that result, successful performance is simply a matter of following the proper course of action. In other words, if A causes B, and we want B, then we should do A.

This may seem like an over simplification, but the truth is, actions have consequences. And those consequences are usually predictable. Thus, our business can achieve consistent, desirable results if we consistently take the appropriate actions.

Undesired results are a signal that we have not taken the appropriate actions. When we experience a problem or frustration within our business, we should view it as an opportunity to correct or implement a system.

By developing and implementing systems in our business, we will consistently take the actions that produce the results we desire. Systems provide the guidelines and the standards for those actions.

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