Get Out of the Bucket

You know how to paint a house. You know what steps that you must follow to produce a durable, attractive job. You also know that if you skip one of those steps or do them in the wrong order, the job probably won’t turn out well. You won’t get the results that you want. This same principle applies to every aspect of your business—do the right things time after time and you will get the results you want time after time. Systems will allow you to get predictable, consistent results.

Unfortunately, we often get results much different from what we want or desire. These undesired results are the consequence of a bottleneck—actions or inactions that restrain or constrict the attainment of our goals. Our new manual, Breaking the Bottlenecks, will help you identify and resolve these impediments to success.

Out of the is devoted to helping painting contractors develop and implement the business systems necessary to operate a successful, profitable business. We offer information and products covering:

  • Marketing
  • Estimating
  • Sales
  • Finance
  • Production
  • Administration
  • And more…

Many contractors dream of the day that they can put down the paint brush and get out of the bucket. They own and operate a successful, professional company. But to accomplish this, you must have employees who consistently produce the results you desire. And this means much more than preparing and painting houses.

A successful business requires systems—repeatable processes that produce the desired results time after time. And you need such systems in every area of your business, from marketing to production, from sales to administration

We have hundreds of articles on systems development covering every aspect of a painting business. And we also offer business coaching, an online estimating course, sample procedures, and Getting Out of the Bucket—our guide to owning and operating a successful painting business.