What Kind of Business do You Want?

There is much more to owning and operating a successful painting business than putting paint on the wall. As the owner you must deal with production, sales, marketing, estimating painting jobs, administration, and finance. You must run crews, pay the bills, meet with customers, and generate leads.

You may be the best painter in the world, but you will not have a successful painting business if you cannot effectively deal with these myriad issues. The cleanest cut-in lines won’t make you money if you don’t generate enough leads, sell at the right price, and perform the work efficiently.

If you are like many painting contractors you started your painting business after suffering what E-Myth author Michael Gerber calls “entrepreneurial seizure”. Believing that your technical skills are sufficient to own a business, you hung out your shingle. And you soon discovered that there is more to business than you realized.

Work Smarter, Not Harder
You might struggle through these issues by putting in more and more hours, believing that you simply have to work harder. But the truth is, working harder is seldom the answer. You must work smarter.

You know the proper steps to take to prepare and paint a house. You know the results that you will achieve if you follow certain procedures. The same principle applies to marketing, sales, estimating, finance, and every other aspect of your business. If you follow the proper procedures you will get consistent, desirable results.

Learn the Necessary Business Skills
Owning a successful painting business requires much more than good technical skills. It requires good business skills as well. If you want to own a painting business that provides you with a reasonable income without dominating your life, then you need systems and procedures. Consistent actions produce consistent results, and systems provide the means to take consistent actions. Our best-selling e-book, Getting Out of the Bucket, provides an overview of systems, as well as practical advice on developing and implementing systems.

If you want to learn to estimate consistently and profitably, our Estimating Paint Jobs video course provides a comprehensive system.

Need help implementing systems, or have a particular problem? Our business coaching is a flexible and affordable way to get the help you need.

Out of the Bucket.com offers the tools and resources you need to systematize your business and build the kind of company that you want to own. We have dozens of articles on estimating, sales, production, marketing, and every topic important to running a successful paint contracting business. And if you are just starting your painting company, we offer the resources to help you be successful.